Frequently asked questions about vinyl records

How much did a vinyl record / LP cost in the 70s?

In the mid-70s, you had to pay around 20 SEK to buy an LP record. Of course, the price differed between different records, some you had to pay as little as 3 SEK for, while more expensive ones could be sold for 30 SEK. Corresponding records are bought today for ten times the price.


What is the most expensive vinyl record you have bought?

Most often we buy entire vinyl record collections and include the more expensive ones into the price we pay for an entire record collection. But we also buy individual records and the most expensive record we have bought, was bought for around SEK 10,000. Those who often sell individual records usually exchange the records for other records in our store. On the following page, we list possible rarities and LPs we pay a lot for .


How do I know the value of my vinyl record?

Since the same album can differ in price extremely much, some knowledge is required when doing a valuation. If you have some knowledge and know the year, condition, record label, pressing, country of release, etc. its possible to look up the record and historical prices on e.g. Ebay or Discogs. However, this is a time-consuming job for each record, whereupon larger collections are usually submitted to a record store for valuation. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the historical price does not necessarily reflect the reality today. It may have taken several years for a seller to get the asking price. You are welcome to contact us for a free consultation or valuation of your LPs or your vinyl collection.


Which vinyl records are valuable and generate the most money?

The general answer is that it depends on supply and demand. Many great artists and their famous albums were pressed in many copies, whereupon the supply today exceeds the demand. The opposite applies to records that were pressed in small editions. The vinyl records we pay the most for are modern Jazz from the 50s to the 70s and often from record labels such as Blue Note, Impulse!, Prestige, Riverside and Columbia. Here you will find a list of the vinyl records we pay well for and records we like to buy


What do you pay compared to Discogs?

For a larger collection of vinyl records in selected genres and in good condition, we pay approximately 50% of the median value on Discogs. But for some records it differs a lot. What we need to decide is partly what price we can sell your record for and how quickly we can sell it. If it's a record we think we can sell in 15 minutes, we pay extremely well, while if it's a record we think will take two years before it finds a buyer, we pay less. Contact us for more information about your particular LPs


What is the difference between EP and LP?

EP stands for Extended Play while LP stands for Long Play. The difference between these is the length of the music. An EP generally has between 4-6 songs while an LP normally has over 8 songs. If LP is a full-length album and longer than an EP, then EP is mid-length album and longer than a single.


Who buys vinyl records?

Vinyl records have gone from near extinction in the 90s to making a proper comeback to now be the largest physical media for new album releases. The target group that buys records differs widely, it can be older people who never stopped collecting vinyl records, it can be younger people who just discovered their parent's record collection and appreciate the high quality of sound. Vinyl records emit a higher quality than CDs and digital music, which makes the media even more interesting. In addition to this, there is a lot of nostalgia associated with vinyl records as many people in their 40s grew up with vinyl records, while being in their younger teens when the big shift to digital CDs happened. This is the reason why some real rarities can go for over SEK 10,000. On our sister site , we sell vinyl records ourselves.


Where can I sell my vinyl collection and vinyl records?

Most record stores buy individual as well as entire record collections, however, the price can vary greatly depending on the specific store's orientation and selection of customers in turn. buys records in good condition in genres such as Jazz, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Hip hop, Folk, World and Country. For Jazz specifically, we dare to say that we are the ones who pay the best in Stockholm, maybe all of Sweden even. But we also pay very well for Rock, Blues and the aforementioned genres . is very keen that you as a seller should feel safe and satisfied with selling your vinyl records, therefore we have several partners, both collectors and record stores in other genres, which we know pay more for, for example, Classical music. If we believe that you would get a better price from someone else for all or parts of your collection, we coordinate it with our partner, all so that you feel safe!


Are there records you don't buy?

Records in poor condition are not interesting, neither to us nor to any other record store. Some genres , such as dance bands, do not command great value on the second-hand market and are therefore of less interest to us as well as to all our partners.


What genres of vinyl do you not buy? does not buy Hard Rock, Dance Band, Classical or Pop. This as our customers in turn do not come to us to buy the same. However, we have collaborations with other stores that are interested in these particular genres. Among others, we have a very close collaboration with Sweden's largest shop in Classical music. No matter what kind of records you have, you should feel safe in contacting as we ensure that we always consult you and help you with one of our partners .


Can you sell old vinyl records?

YES! LPs in good condition can sometimes be bought for very large sums . Of course it differs from record to record, but generally there is a large market and many people who are interested in music on vinyl. contact us for a free valuation or consultation of your particular records.


What does pay for larger vinyl collections? does not set a higher limit for what we are willing to pay for the right collection. As a reference for previous purchases of record collections, we try to list some of the larger record collections we have previously purchased.


Is there value in CDs too?

Compared to vinyl records, CDs normally goes for less money. This mainly has to do with the fact that music on CDs is digital and can be copied and produced in larger volumes without losing quality. As we do not normally buy CDs ourselves, we will be happy to help you on to the right buyer of CDs in Stockholm.

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